Terms and Conditions



1.1       All escape games under the name GETAWAY PRAGUE (hereinafter the „Provider“) in Prague are being operated by Reg. No.: 01973355. All related contractual relations are being governed by the General Business Terms and Conditions (the „Terms and Conditions“) and the applicable laws of the Czech Republic. Any eventual disputes shall be settled by the relevant courts of the Czech Republic.

1.2       The Provider hereby reserve its right to update/amend the actual version of the Terms and Conditions by disclosing of the actual Terms and Conditions on the website of the Provider www.gtwy.cz.


2.1       The essential condition of the admission to the escape game operated by the Provider is the observation of all safety and operation rules by any and all participants who enters into the contractual relationship with the Provider on the basis of a respective contract concluded with the Provider ( “the participant“). The participant hereby agrees that if he/she will not obey and follows safety and operation rules and instructions given to him/her by the escape room operators when admitted to any of the escape game, such participant may be excluded from the game with no refund claim.

2.2       Each participant participates in the game at his/her own risk and responsibility.

2.3       Anyone that is being disruptive or acting in any way that compromises the experience of other participants will be asked to leave with no refund claim. Also, anyone that intentionally damages the set and/or props will be asked to leave with no refund claim. The Provider assumes regular wear and tear.

2.4       Anyone visibly intoxicated or under the influence of drugs/alcohol or other similar substances will not be admitted. Furthermore, the Provider reserves the right to deny an admission to anyone who might not be eligible to participate in the escape game due to health/safety/operational reasons (decided upon the sole discretion of the Provider ´s operators and/or management).

2.5       Participants are not allowed to enter into the premises of the Provider with any dangerous weapons such knives, guns or any other items/devices that can endanger any other participants during the escape game. No smoking allowed in any of the premises operated by the Provider. The participant may be requested to present the content of his/her belongings in order to check whether there is no any dangerous items that could possibly endanger the safety and health of the Provider ´s employees and/or other participants of the escape game.

2.6       Each participant is requested to not leave any belonging unguarded. The Provider does not assume any liability for the personal belongings and items left anywhere at the premises.


3.1       Should the participant reserve the respective game in the selected time slot/ with the selected number of players and subsequently based on the decision of the participant there will be a change of the selected time slot for the game/selected game/number of players and as the consequence of such change made by the participant the final price for the respective game shall be lower than the price actually paid earlier by the participant, the positive balance in prices shall remain to the Provider and such positive balance shall not be returned to the participant.
Should the participant reserve the respective game in the selected time slot /with the selected number of players and subsequently based on the decision of the participant there will be a change of the selected time slot for the game/selected game/number of players and as the consequence of such change made by the participant the final price for the respective game shall be higher than the price actually paid earlier by the participant, the participant is obliged to pay the negative balance in prices to the Provider. The ticket prices shall be paid either in cash, by gift vouchers or other types of vouchers specified on the webpage of the Provider.

3.2       Should the participant cancel his/her reservation in the game more than 24 hours prior to the scheduled reservation of the escape game, the Provider shall refund the whole respective amount paid by the participant. Should the participant cancel his/her reservation of the escape game less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled reservation of the escape game, the Provider shall be authorised to withhold 500 CZK as the cancellation fee.

3.3       Weekly schedules may vary and unsold shows may be cancelled at the discretion of the management of the Provider.

3.4       Group´ tickets and special teambuilding packages are available upon request and group and/or teambuilding rates vary. For further information about the groups tickets and teambuilding packages, please contact the Provider either on the email: info@gtwy.cz; or via phone: +420 774 978 220.

3.5       The participant is requested to meet at the location and the time that shall be sent by the Provider in the confirmation letter/email/SMS.

3.6       Any late admission (more than 5 minutes after the scheduled appointment) is not allowed. In case the participant shall arrive later than 15minutes from his/her scheduled appointment, the time prescribed for the duration of the respective game shall start running irrespective of the participant´s absence with no refund claim. If participants are late, they may be admitted to the game with a subsequent group based upon availability and at the discretion of the operators/management of the Provider.

3.7       The game is not recommended to the children under the age of 9 years. Participants under the age of 15 will only be admitted with a parent or legal guardian.

3.8       The Provider reserves the right to cancel any reservation with the full refund of the price ticket paid by the participant.


4.1       Any photography and video recording during the game and generally in the game area is strictly forbidden. Violation of this rule is subject of a 5000 CZK fine and will result in immediate termination of the game with no refund claim. The operators will gladly take pictures of the participants after the game.

4.2       Though this is totally unenforceable, the participants are not allowed to tell/spread to people any of the details/rumours of the experience. We don’t want to ruin it for anyone who might come at some point.

4.3 By entering the game area, the participants agree to not publish any picture, video or other media about the game area nor any part of the game and will not publish written information about the game tasks. Violation of this rule is subject of compensation 30.000 CZK.

5. Gift certificates

5.1        The gift certificates (vouchers) of GETAWAY PRAGUE issued by the Provider are considered to be gift certificates as set out in provision § 1939 of the Act No. 89/2012 Coll., the New Civil Code, as amended (hereinafter referred as the „NCC“). The holder of the gift certificate is authorised to attend one escape game.

5.2       The expiration date of the gift certificate is stated on it.

5.3       The prices of the gift certificates issued by the Provider may differ in time. Therefore, should the price of the purchase gift certificate exceeds the price of the selected escape game, the potential difference shall not be returned to the gift certificate holder. Should the price of selected escape game exceeds the price of the gift certificate, the gift certificate holder will be asked to settle the difference.

5.4       The gift certificate cannot be combined with any other discounts or special actions announced by the Provider.


6.1       All materials and services available on the website of the Provider shall be provided as is without any warranties of completeness or timely nature as well as without other express or implied guarantees. The access to the website of the Provider as well as the use of its services and materials shall be carried out only at the participant´s risk.

6.2       When providing its services, the Provider shall use its best efforts to satisfy the expectations and wishes of its clients. However, the Provider may not be liable for the delay or failure to provide its services and perform its contractual obligations due to occurrence of an event of “force majeure” that the Provider could not reasonably have foreseen and/or could not reasonably have been able to prevent, including, without limitation, floods, fire, natural disasters, strikes, war conflicts, terrorist attacks, uprisings, air crashes, etc.

6.3       The Provider shall not be liable for any errors, misprints, or inaccuracies that may be detected in the materials contained on the website. The Provider shall not be liable for any delays or failures in the course of operations of its website caused by force majeure circumstances, as well as for any failures of telecommunication, computer, electrical, or other adjacent systems.

6.4       The website of the Provider contains a number of links to resources located on third party sites. These links shall be used for the convenience of its users only and shall not indicate the agreement of the Provider with the content of such third party sites. Moreover, the Provider shall not be liable for the availability and content of such sites. This provision applies to all links available on the website, as well as to the materials available through banners and links on the website.

6.5       The website of the Provider may use identification files (cookies) for the storage of the users’ personal and general information. Cookies are small text files that may be used by an Internet site for the recognition of returning visitors, simplification of access and use of the web-site, as well as for the monitoring of the users’ request and collection of general information for the improvement of contents. By completing the registration procedure the participant shall give his or her consent for the use of cookies on the website.

6.6       The Provider shall not be liable for any damage, losses, or costs (actual or possible) that may occur in relation with the use of its website, or impossibility to use it.

6.7       The Provider shall not be liable for the actions of bank transfer systems, banks, payment systems, as well as delays connected with their work.

6.8       In any circumstances the liability of the Provider to the respective participant shall be limited to the amount or remuneration paid by the participant to the Provider in connection with the use of its services.


7.1       The personal information and data about the clients/participants of the Provider as recorded during the reservation process are being administered and deposited strictly in accordance with the applicable laws of the Czech Republic, namely Act No.101/2000 Coll., as amended (“the Act”). All such personal information acquired from the participants shall be used solely for the purposes of the Provider and shall not be, under any circumstances handed over to any third party. Without the explicit consent of the participants provided thereto, the Provider uses the personal information only and to the extent possible under the Act, namely § 5 section 2 letter b) and § 5 section 6 of the Act.

GETAWAY PRAGUE – version 19.03.2017

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